Stegna Akti Premier Rooms & Suites

Tucked between mountains, the beach of Stegna with its crystal clear waters is one of the best kept secrets in Rhodes
Ideal for those that seek peace and tranquility away from the crowded resorts, Stegna beach stands out for its authenticity and traditional Greek atmosphere.

Stegna Akti was created to guarantee an amazing stay, combining contemporary design and Aegean architecture, consists of 6 rooms and 2 suites that face the Aegean sea.
The rooms together with the common indoor and outdoor spaces have been developed according to two contradictory concepts: the minimal, traditional Aegean approach versus the elegant, luxurious and functional trends that promise all the modern conveniences and comforts.
So, your experience at Stegna Akti could be expressed in three words: Harmony - Luxury - Simplicity